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We are fully licensed and insured and up to the task. Regardless of the size or foliage of your lot, we can effectively clear and excavate the site on time and at the right price.

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Tony BragoWhen trying to choose between septic contractors, be aware that if your home has a lot with difficult soil conditions, or an unusual layout, you will definitely benefit from our expertise. The more complex the septic system is, the more important it is to find the right septic contractor for the job.

We will make sure the site where your you are going to install the septic system and tank is accessible for the equipment we will need to bring in. We will need to get excavation equipment and large trucks onto the site.


We will get the supplies necessary to install your new septic tank and septic system. There are a number of different materials and components needed for a septic system, including the septic tank and related components. We must order a large amount of material to begin the job. We want you to feel confident with Tony Brago Excavating and in the work we are going to perform.

Definition of Septic Tank

A private waste removal system for homes that are not connected to a community sewer. A conventional septic system consists of three main parts: a septic tank, a drain field, and the soil beneath the drain field. Waste is filtered to the soil, where components in the soil neutralize bacteria and chemicals before they reach groundwater or nearby rivers and lakes.

Signs of Trouble

Most of the signs indicating problems with your septic system are pretty straightforward while some others a more subtle. Regardless, if you recognize any of the symptoms, contact us immediately, before a little problem becomes much worse and more expensive.

Is there a foul smell emanating from you drain? Is there a smell of raw sewage in the house? Does your toilet drain slowly? These are obvious indications that your septic system is malfunctioning. Contact us with any questions


Septic system maintenance is fairly simple and straightforward, requiring mostly common sense preventative measures will decrease the strain on the system. Proper installation is an important part of the process. We will make sure the job is done correctly.